Crystal gazing is an old practice that has prospered in numerous societies around the world, and has developed and expanded to deliver various branches inside the visionary custom. Basically, crystal gazing is the train of watching the critical connections between’s planetary developments and the unfurling of human occasions in singular lives, connections, networks, and all through history.

Crystal gazing is an otherworldly method for knowing, and can be drawn nearer as a profound practice. The original elements of crystal gazing show that we live in a profoundly participatory, co-imaginative universe that is immersed with divine knowledge and care.

The branch of soothsaying known as model crystal gazing—spearheaded by the social student of history Richard Tarnas, in conjunction with his work with Stanislav Grof on non-standard conditions of awareness and hallucinogenic psychotherapy—perceives that the connections saw between human issues and planetary elements is of a prototype character.

The planetary bodies in our nearby planetary group each correspond with an alternate prime example, a character with a range of interrelated characteristics that can be seen through their multivalent signs in human experience. Planetary prime examples are practically like the models as comprehended by the profundity mental convention, yet are likewise equivalent to the pantheon of divine beings and goddesses vital to numerous old societies. Such prime examples can be comprehended through an assortment of philosophical focal points, as they display characteristics practically identical to Platonic Forms or Ideas, Aristotelian universals, Freudian senses, Jungian mental models, and Whiteheadian endless items, to give some examples, and additionally the mythic gods of antiquated religious customs.