Shree Kanakdhara Yantra

Astro Sushmita is a prominent Shree Kanakdhara Yantra supplier, offering precisely designed and highly effective Kanak Dhara Yantra at pocket-friendly prices… The product helps ward off negativity and brings harmony and peace. The Yantra is so powerful and is praised for beautiful crafting an immediate positive effect… Shri Adi Shankarayacharya (a famous philosopher of the 8th century) was using the Yantra for arranging rain of gold balls.





  • Fine finishing
  • Smooth edges

What is Shri Kanakdhara Yantra?

The meaning of Kanak Dhara is flow of gold. Bringing it home will help open the door of good luck for the entire family. The Yantra opens up many sources of earning, seems like the river of gold is diverted towards your home. There is a strong believe that this effective Yantra helps win unexpected wealth in games like horse racing, gambling etc… It is good to keep the Yantra to your cash box and cupboards. The cosmic energy of the Yantra is beneficial for the entire family.

Kankadhara Mantra Benefits :

The mantra is:Om Hreem Sahastravadney Kankeshwari Sheegram Atarva Aagachch Om Phat Swaaha

How Does Worship?

The pujan vidhi is simple to follow.


  • Light diya and incense
  • Offer some fresh flowers and fruit
  • Offers some honey, sweets, milk and curd


Keeping the Yantra:


  • Place it on Wednesday by chanting mantra
  • Keep it on your valuables like cash box




  • It is one of the most significant Yantras to resolve financial issues
  • It is useful for businessmen by bringing prosperity
  • Assist in removing various hurdles and bring smooth positive flow in your life


Beware of so called Kanakdhara which is a simply printed metal piece. It is not going to do anything good for you. is a leading Shree kanakdhara Yantra supplier in India. In our venue, each product is tested for quality. Our goal is to bring happy customer relationship by providing authentic products. Contact us for further inquiries and to place your order…


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