Rudraksha Therapy

Consult us for Rudraksha Ratna Science therapy. We are one of the most prominent suppliers of Rudraksha therapy to bring you with lots of prosperity, good luck and success. Our therapy helps increasing self-confidence and myriads of positive changes in your life. Our Rudraksha goes through rigorous laboratory tests to provide you with real beads to get the best quality Rudraksha Therapy.



Key Features of our Services

  • Balance the brain waves
  • Bring peace and harmony to one’s life
  • Cure illness
  • Create self-confidence
  • Avoid untimely death

Why Choose Rudraksha Therapy?

The sacred Rudraksha beads have been worn for centuries. Earlier, saints wear it to control their brain, purify their soul and lead a healthy life. These days, it is recommended to common people to get prosperity and healthy life. According to the ancient Vedas, Rudraksha beads are used to cure many diseases. Rudraksha with its mantra combination influences positively to the body. The modern science has found that these beads have electromagnetic power due to this they affect the human neurophysiology in a specific manner which controls the blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, relief from stress, hypertension and at the same time give the confidence to face fearful situations. The powerful bead is considered for the treatment of life-threatening diseases also like Cancer & AIDS.

There are different Mukhi Rudraksha beads and each has its own essence and power. Treatment from the holy seed is provided both externally and internally. External treatment is provided by wearing it. For internal treatment, Rudraksha is often boiled with drinking milk or taking its powder with water. Different Mukhi dusts are used for treating different diseases. The holy seed gives a prompt response and fulfills the desire for which you are wearing it.

S.No. Rudraksha Diseases cured
1. One Mukhi Curable for Heart, Blood, Veins
2. Two Mukh  Relief from stress depression, Hysteria, gastric issues
3. Three Mukhi Children who fall ill often, gallbladder and liver diseases, control BP
4. Four Mukhi Kidney disorders, Thyroid, Brain disorders like Psychiatric symptoms, Stammering, Memory lapse
5. Five Mukhi Diseases of Liver and Gall Bladder, for BP Control
6. Six Mukhi Cure ENT issues, Sexual related problem, Eyes, urinary
7. Seven Mukhi Depression
8. Eight Mukhi Insomnia
9. Nine Mukhi Pain/Backache
10. Ten Mukhi  coughing
11. Eleven Mukhi For Body Pain/Backache, Diseases of CNS, for Pregnant women for Uneventful Delivery, Chronic Alcoholism
12. Twelve Mukhi Osteoporosis,
13. Thirteen Mukhi MuscularDystrophies
14. Fourteen Mukhi Stress
15. Fifteen Mukhi Repeated Miscarriages
16. Sixteen Mukhi Pancreas, spleen
17. Seventeen Mukhi Lungs, Small Intestine, Bronchial tree
18. Eighteen Mukhi Liver
19. Nineteen Mukhi Lungs
20. Gauri Shankar Sexual issues

Apart from treating diseases, Rudraksha therapy brings success in the sphere of business, career, education and personal life.


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