Kali Haldi

We are a trustworthy Kali Haldi supplier in India, offering you this rare product for the best price. The black turmeric is scientifically known as Curcuma Caesia which is a perennial herb found in the Pipi Hills of East Godavari, West Godavari of Andhra and Khammam district of Telangana. It is also known as Krishna Haridra used in various Tantric Sadhana and other sacred purposes.

We offer you the turmeric in the dried form which is processed under the guidance of our highly skilled and professional vendors who follow numerous processing methods to bring you with pure Haldi. The ordered product is provided at an affordable price within stipulated time frame.




Why Choose Us?

  • Providing the product at attractive prices
  • Providing on time delivery
  • Prominent supplier of the turmeric

Key Features of Black Turmeric

  • Attain maximum satisfaction
  • Attract magical vibration
  • Provide success in court related matters
  • Assist in career growth
  • Extremely beneficial for one’s well being
  • Bring positive energies and absorb negative energies
  • Increase wealth
  • Use extensively on Kali Pooja and black magic
  • Use as a lucky charm
  • Signify as Goddess Laxmi (contains the infinite power to wealth)

How to Get Benefits from Kali Haldi?

Praying with the Turmeric Beads:

Use black turmeric beads to pray on any Shukal or Krishna Paksh. Get up early in the morning and sit down in the East direction to pray. Keep rotating and concentrating on the bead, repeat it for 108 times and then offer prayer to the Sun Lord.

For Better Luck-

Wear a bracelet holding at least 9 black turmeric beads. It brings good luck by keeping the evil spirit out from your life.

New Job-

If you want to get a new job, bring luck by applying the tilak of the turmeric.

Evil Eye –

In case, your kid or any near one has been under the evil eye, give him/her protection by the turmeric. Wrap it in a black cloth and encircle it around the affected person 7 times.


If someone in your family is not well, the person can cure with the positive effect of the product. Take 2 balls of wheat flour dough, put some jaggery and the turmeric onto it, encircle 7 times to the affected person. Feed the ball to a cow.


Now get rid of wealth issue with the help of the rare turmeric. Offer a prayer to the Goddess Laxmi with the turmeric and Sindoor on every Friday. Keep the product in your locker. It helps to resolve the wealth problem by bringing prosperity and luck.

Health Benefits-

It is beneficial for health also. A toothache can be relieved if the powder of it is applied to the affected area. Just like yellow Haldi, the black Haldi can also be used to cure the wound. It is beneficial in indigestion, rheumatic pain, Leucoderma and infertility.


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