Hakik mala

Order the Kali agate mala online. We are a prominent supplier of excellent quality Hakik Mala. Each Kali Mala we choose under the supervision of highly skilled professional vendors. The provided garland is designed as per the industry standards using agate which is a precious opaque gem. We offer garlands of agate in different colors at the competitive prices. The Japa Mala was so powerful, protecting you from the evil eye, black magic and tantra attacks.



Key Features of Black Hakik Mala

  • Induces spiritual inspiration
  • Help overcome negative emotions
  • Bring good fortune by removing back luck
  • Keep the body healthy by stabilizing and calming it
  • Black Hakik saves wearers from black magic, Tantra attacks and evil eye
  • The mal is used to pacify the malefic effects of Planet Saturn or help in strengthening the planet in ones Horoscope
  • Promoting good will and increases concentration
  • Help overcome sadness, fears, flaws and loneliness
  • Provide relief from stress and give a sense of courage
  • Work as a healer, especially for allergies and bone marrow
  • Black agate with its hot energy promotes fertility
  • Considered an excellent stone during gynaecological problems like menopause

What is Kali Hakik Mala or Agate Mala?

Agate is a semi-precious opaque gem which is found in many colours. These stones can be used in place of the precious stones because of equal effective results. Agate is a symbol of success, courage and protection. An Agate Mala is well known as Hakik Mala or Halik Mala also. Among several colours of Agate, the black has its own significance. People like to buy a black hakik prayer mala because it removes planetary effects, keep you away from the effect of black magic and bring good luck. It also assists in encouraging success and financial rewards. It is beneficial for Kali Mata Puja and Bhairav Puja also.

The powerful gemstone discussion is also made on magic inscriptions, as found in the graves of American Indians, Ancient Greeks and Romans. The mala is designed in a traditional way with knots between each stone. There are around 108 beads in a garland which users can wear or use it for puja.

Why Shop from Us?

  • A prominent seller of Black Hakik mala
  • Each black agate mala is hand-picked, maintains high quality
  • Providing the precious stones at your doorstep
  • Maintain standard & happy client relationship
  • Capable to meet your demands
  • The mala is available at attractive prices


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