25 Mukhi Rudraksha

We are a far-famed 25 Mukhi Rudraksha supplier in all across the nation. Customers admire our original and rare Rudraksha collection which hemp them to get success and worldly pleasure. Our 25 Mukhi bead brings good luck, increases religious awareness, improves relationships, and provides prosperity. Each bead of us has come across rigorous quality check to provide you with authentic beads at the best economical prices. Buy the precious bead online! You are buying from an expertise and a reliable source.



Key Features:

  • Very powerful to protect you in bad situations
  • No prior need for any assistance from any astrologer
  • Original bead, tested in the lab for quality
  • Sacred

About 25 Face Rudraksha

It is one of the rarest forms of Rudraksha which is of Indonesia variety. They are higher Mukhi bead. The ancient epics such as Shrimad Devibhagivat, Skand Puran and Padma Puran have described the importance of up to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha. There is no reference about 25 because it is a rare type. Even though, importance of some Rudraksha beads are not covered they liked by saints and priests for meditation and religious ceremonies like Gaurishankar. Such Twenty Five Mukhi Rudraksha beads are liked by rich businessmen, prominent personalities and politicians.

The Katyani Yantra and some other old scriptures describe the importance of 25 faced Rudraksha and other higher Mukhi Rudraksha.

The bead helps remove sins. It purify your soul and provides contentment.

How to Wear

The 25 faced Rudraksha bead should be worn after purification. Contact a Pandit for purification. Wear it after full Siddhi to find its all essence.

How to Buy

  • Contact reliable 25 Mukhi Rudraksha suppliers, only a respected one can offer you the bead
  • Check the carving with the help of a magnify glass, it should be natural. Manmade has smooth carving
  • Check the pricing. It is rare so the pricing can be higher.
  • Take help of experts for identification of real Rudraksha


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