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The secret of being HAPPY is accepting and embracing all the positive energy which we have around us. For thousands of years, sages and philosophers across the world have investigated the value of positive emotions – those pleasing moments of joy, success, gratitude and the like. Today, scientists after conducting controlled laboratory experiments have come to a conclusion that positive emotions carry far more benefits than most of us suspected. Scientist Barbara Fredrickson has said: “I was drawn to study positive emotions simply because they were mysterious, largely uncharted scientific terrain. Yet when the 3-to-1 positivity ratio surfaced, my motives shifted. I realized that my life’s work held precious life lessons. I began experimenting with ways to inject more positivity into my own day, and into my own family life. The results were eye-opening. I began to recognize hidden opportunities for serenity and playfulness each day. I felt buoyant and alive. And this new and positive energy infused my relationships at home, at work and beyond. I’ve learned, both scientifically and personally about the value of positive emotions.” This is in line with the wisdom shared by the sacred scriptures and the sages.

However, our life is not always easy-going which can boost positivity on a daily basis. There is so much negativity in our world from the moment we wake up. As a result, we turn our faces from reality and turn to social media. Students waste time in chatting with unknown people on harmful issues and thereby hamper their studies, working persons give posts of various events and try to show the world how happy they are, even though they are troubled and in pain from inside. Their souls suffer from negativity and bring upon themselves related to bad vibes, illness, and misfortune.

What is the way to destroy negativity? What is the path to ensure positive vibes in our life? We have the answer in our ancient scriptures. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of negativity. Shiva Puran says He is the creator of all the positivity on Earth with the divine vibration of His Damaru. Lord Shiva himself has also made the arrangements for sustaining this positivity among mankind with the powerful wonder fruit known as Rudraksha.

The powers of Rudraksha have been proved in many spheres beyond the spiritual arena. The medicinal properties of the fruit are widely accepted by the researchers across the globe. Scientists are continuously discovering newer medicinal properties of Rudraksha by advanced scientific techniques and a variety of bioactive compounds have been isolated from Rudraksha and are being analyzed pharmacologically. Rudraksha has reported exhibiting antimicrobial, antiulcerogenic and antioxidant activity, in addition, Rudraksha is reported to reduce pain, inflammation and nervous system related disorders.  

These on-going scientific researches by global scientists prove that if anyone rejects the powers Rudraksha as a superstition, he is completely wrong and is ignorant about global scientific developments. Rudraksha supercharges your life with positivity and helps you to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The Ayurveda Shastra strongly upholds the medicinal properties of Rudraksha. According to alternative therapies, treatment of illness begins with digenesis of the root cause of the problem at the level of energies of Chakras. By influencing the Chakras, the emotional disorders and physical ailments can be cured. Our existence has two parts- body and mind. Our mind is invisible but it is there and is affected by positive and negative energies and emotions. If one wants to be happy, confident and successful in life, the mind and soul must be boosted with positive energy. No bio-element is as effective and as powerful as Rudraksha to positively energize our mind and our Chakras. With its aura, on one hand, Rudraksha activates and empowers the chakras to protect and cure the body and on the other hand, it lifts the positivity of our mind and makes us joyful, determined and prosperous in life. The aura of Rudraksha also works on the magnetic field of our body and boosts the positive energy in and around our body. The aura purifies the magnetic field around your body. For this reason, many people who cannot wear Rudraksha in their body carry the powerful beads with them. In earlier times, homes (Vastu), temples and ashrams were decorated with Rudraksha to boost the positivity in the entire surroundings. In today’s glamour world too, Rudraksha is widely accepted as bio-jewelry. It has been observed that while using it as bio-jewelry, Rudraksha also protected the persons from the negative impacts of mobile radiation on various organs of their bodies.

Even in the spiritual level Rudraksha has crossed all boundaries and is not confined within one religion, such as the magic of its auspicious powers. Anyone can wear it. People of all cast, color and creed are getting the beneficial effects from wearing authentic Rudraksha. I have observed that especially those who are engaged in services involving intellect like diplomats, architects and lawyers get highly benefitted from Rudraksha. Since Rudraksha also works at the subtler levels, it has particularly proved beneficial for the creative and artistic people.

Wearing ‘activated’ Rudraksha is important. Rudraksha gives full result when one activates it with a proper vibration of mantras and synchronizes it with all the elements of the body by activating the receiver points by following a disciplined schedule. It is an undeniable fact that ‘faith factor’ has additional effects on those who wear Rudraksha. I have seen miraculous results on people, especially students, who wear Rudraksha and follow the prescribed guidelines.

Thousands of students and their parents have thanked me for increasing their memory power and level of concentration through authentic and activated Rudraksha. They invariably scored good results and achieved great success in their life by wearing the Rudraksha and following the disciplined lifestyle which is prescribed to be followed to get the best results from the Rudraksha. We all know discipline helps to achieve success and the discipline in a Vedic way is the most scientific procedure. Vedic Discipline is highly relevant today, as the modern world is constantly provoking the youngsters to lose their self-control. Discipline combined with original, higher and rare beads of Rudraksha manifest superpowers of the 3-in-1 combination. These organic beads have no negative side-effects, all the effects generated by Rudraksha are positive.

People are bound to get positive result by wearing original Rudraksha. In India, people have worn it since ages. The bare-bodied Sadhus who do Tapassyas in the cold mountains and wild forests are the greatest examples that Rudraksha made their bodies tolerant to harsh weather conditions, hunger & thirst and helped them to focus on their object of meditation and raised them to the higher platforms. Rudraksha helps its wearer to achieve both material success as well as financial gains as per his or her desire.